Paul Martin’s American Grill

Consumer Awareness and Customer Acquisition Campaign

Bouchard Communications Group was retained by Paul Martin’s American Bistro less than one year after opening. They had been working with a very large agency and were dissatisfied with the creative, the service the results they had received. They wanted to build the brand in local communities and become known for their farm-to-table, “ Eat organic. Believe in sustainable. Buy local. Love fresh” mantra.

As a result, the Bouchard team went to work developing strategies and tactics to build upon the existing brand and take it to the next level, while raising awareness within the community. To start, Bouchard reviewed the previous marketing efforts, and identified the desired target audience(s) and geographic market areas. To reach the intended target audience(s) effectively, Bouchard recommended a layered marketing approach, to reach potential customers through multiple touchpoints and messaging.

After strategies and tactics were defined, quarterly marketing plans were developed based upon the client’s budgetary guidelines and goals. Initially, Bouchard only worked with the Roseville location, but with the launch of the second location in El Segundo, Bouchard assisted with the grand opening efforts and developed marketing plans to encompass El Segundo as well. Some of the elements of the marketing plans included:

  • Marketing Consultation and Development – On a quarterly basis, Bouchard provides consultation to Paul Martin’s regarding possible new marketing tactics and ideas, promotional concepts, community involvement opportunities and the like. Bouchard continually works to develop promotional concepts/themes for the restaurant such as “Savor Your Sundays” (prime rib promotion), “Take Comfort in Tuesdays (Fried Chicken promotion) and “A Taste of Paul Martin’s” (Happy Hour promotion).
  • Collateral Materials – Extensive print advertisements for local newsprint and magazines, direct mail pieces (with data collection/response tear-offs), postcards, event invitations, posters, bill stuffers, flyers.
  • e-Marketing – Weekly e-blasts to client customers, e-blasts to local Chamber members, quarterly 
e-newsletters, banner advertisements, text alerts.
  • Broadcast – Radio advertisements.
  • Public Relations – Press releases, coverage for cooking segments on local television networks, live radio interviews.
  • Charity Involvement – Involvement in local school gardening programs, various donations and sponsors at local charity events.
  • Website – Content updates and posting of press releases, media coverage and blogs.
  • Media Buying – Purchasing of newsprint and magazine advertisements.
  • Mailing List Development – Identification of key geographic areas for distribution of marketing pieces based on such factors as mile radius to restaurant, home ownership, household income, etc.
  • Administrative Support – Extensive supplementary support including such elements as coordination and management of in-restaurant special events, working with local chambers to establish membership, coordination of photography to showcase new menu items, etc.

As a result of all these efforts over a period of time, Paul Martin’s American Bistro has become a household name in the Roseville area, and is off to a quick start in its El Segundo location. Results for Paul Martin’s have come in the form of increased sales in both locations, great response to their weekly specials promotions, building their e-mail and
mailing database lists(through direct mail response mechanisms), and increased word of mouth and awareness within their respective communities.

In addition, customers regularly recall and mention Paul Martin’s print and radio advertisements, and the restaurant receives regular calls inquiring about the specials advertised in print. Both restaurants have also received increased media coverage through broadcast segments and editorial articles, and are continually reviewed and noted by various entities such as Zagat, Yelp, food blogs and the like.

All Campaign Elements:

  • Print Advertising
  • Promotional Direct Mail
  • Marketing Collateral
  • e-Marketing
  • Radio Advertisements
  • Website Content
  • Media List/Buying
  • Public Relations