Get To Know Bouchard

About Us
Bouchard Communications Group is a full service marketing, advertising, public relations and digital agency. We opened our doors in 1994,over 20 years in business! Based in Roseville, CA we have a diverse client base on the local, regional, statewide and national level.

Why Us?
Better question. Why Not us?
Bold statement, right?
That’s because we’re confident in what we deliver to our clients.
Here are a few other things we guarantee to deliver to you:


We’re not afraid to call it how we see it. Marketing isn’t magic, although some firms will give you a lot of smoke and mirrors. Marketing is the marriage between unrivaled strategy and relentless execution. So if your marketing strategy has a few shortcomings, we won’t hesitate to call it out nicely.

Big budget? Startup budget? It doesn’t matter. You’re more than a dollar sign to us. You’re a voice behind the phone, a face behind the email, a story behind the handshake. And because you’re human, we will respect you, listen to you, and always be there when you need us. That’s a universal rule at BCG. Respect is the glue that keeps relationships thriving.

We’ve been in the marketing and PR trenches for more than 21 years. You don’t get to that point without delivering. That’s why we’ve been called the FedEx of agencies — we DELIVER!