Home Team Pest Defense

Awareness and Lead Generation Campaign


In spring of 2010 Bouchard Communications Group was hired in partnership with Dallas based QMobius to launch a summertime campaign throughout the state of California to generate awareness and leads for Home Team Pest Defense. This pest control company is the third largest in the United States yet they are virtually unknown in the markets they serve in California.


Initial research showed that in the California communities they served, QMobius had very concentrated neighborhoods where they had the largest numbers of clients and prospects. As a result, Bouchard developed a marketing and PR plan that incorporated heavy community outreach and involvement, public relations and direct marketing.

The client sponsored many of the youth sports teams in the area and handed out “Don’t Bug Me” band bracelets at all of the events. In addition, we worked with local television stations to get repeated segments on the morning news shows about bug problems such as “How to prevent bed bugs when you travel”, etc.  A promotional landing page was created www.whatsbuggingyou.com which had a contest where visitors could vote for the ugliest bug video. Each month the videos were changed out and the winners won a variety of different prizes including iPads, cameras, and iPods. Bouchard also designed numerous promotional web banners which QMobius placed on local community websites. Traffic sponsorships were also incorporated in the East Bay,  Los Angeles and Riverside markets and door hangers were used in two small San Diego communities.


During the three months of the promotion, sales doubled in all of the California offices of Home Team Pest Defense. This sales increase was not reflected in any other HomeTeam markets nationwide and can be attributed to the awareness campaign. The company was pleased with the overall outcome of the campaign and are considering a Phase II launch for summer of 2011.

All Campaign Elements:

Print Advertising

Online Advertising

Public/Media  Relations

Door Hangers

Television Guest Appearance

Direct Mail

Word of Mouth Marketing

Social Media

Promotional Contest

Community Outreach

Landing Page