Brent Tyler

Graphic Designer

As recent graduate of design school, Brent brings a fresh and current perspective to Bouchard Communications. Brent’s enthusiasm and positive attitude is infectious in the work environment. He brainstorms, concepts, designs and produces his projects with the intent to continually exceed client expectations.

Having worked at KTXL, a local Sacramento news station, Brent has a unique depth of understanding regarding the importance of meeting deadlines, while at the same time, producing high-quality design work with a sensitivity to typography and spacial relationships. During his time at KTXL, Brent specialized in on-air screen graphics, web graphics, logo design, and promotional print ads.

In Brent’s spare time, he enjoys working on fine art projects that bring him deep personal satisfaction and allow him to expand his design horizons.

Education: Bachelor of Graphic Design from The Art Institute – Sacramento

“Design is not the narrow application of formal skills, it is a way of thinking.”
– Chris Pullman